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7th Mar 2016
Get FREE SSD VPS or Web Hosting for writing Article & Post for Kloud51

Savand Bros. Kloud51 is giving FREE Services to users who participate in writing articles and content in Kloud51 Community Forums. The Free services given as rewards are: SSD Virtual Private Server (VPS) Reseller Linux Web Hosting Web Hosting (cPanel) & Kloud51 Subjects in Interest Kloud51 Community is interested in following ... Read More »

28th Feb 2016
VPS Control Panel URL has Changed


We have changed the VPS Control Panel URL.
The new URL is much easier to type since we have removed the requirement of entering the custom port 5656.

The new VPS Control Panel URL has Changed is https://vmanager.kloud51.com/

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2nd Feb 2016
Arch Linux Latest 64 Bit - Secured & Hardened

Kloud51 Team is please to announce the release of Arch Linux Latest 64 Bit .This OpenVZ templates has been secured and hardened for better security and of course maximum flexibility for managing packages. You no longer need to do the fundamental securing process on this OS.We have done some cool security hardening on default image. Not only ... Read More »

23rd Jan 2016
Kloud51 talks Solid. Solid as Solid-State Drive, SSD!

Kloud51 talks Solid. Solid as Solid-State Drive, SSD! Kloud51 currently provides Linux VPS with OpenVZ as its virtualization technology. Well, we were providing these precious virtual machines on HDD, well we don't say anything against it, but to be honest with high speed internet connections and having 30-64 virtual machines on each Node ... Read More »

18th Jan 2016
New release of ArchLinux Desktop (Super Fast) [Remote Desktop Ready] Version 2016.01.15

New release of ArchLinux Desktop (Super Fast) [Remote Desktop Ready] Version 2016.01.15 CHANGELOG Installed Firefox web browser. Update the whole installed packages to the latest. Enabled multilib repositories. To get this version, please re-install your OS to ArchLinux Desktop (Super Fast) [Remote Desktop Ready]Discussion on ... Read More »

15th Jan 2016
VPS Ubuntu Desktop 14.04 64 bit

After receiving many requests and interest in using Desktop environment on VPS, we have created a custom and pre-configured Linux OS template for this purpose.Kloud51 is pleased to announce “Ubuntu Desktop” as a Linux VPS.You can now order or install “Ubuntu Desktop 14.04 64 bit” on our Kloud51 VPS. This OS has been customized and ... Read More »

13th Dec 2015
Get %70 OFF on Kloud51 Windows VPS

Kloud51 Windows VPS We're going to release Windows VPS pretty soon, while we're working ridiculously hard (that's what she said), you can get up to %70 OFF by registering via the form bellow. Kloud51 Windows VPS Features Dedicated Operating System: Customers can have their favorite operating systems. The Operating System can be changed or ... Read More »

11th Dec 2015

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