After receiving many requests and interest in using Desktop environment on VPS, we have created a custom and pre-configured Linux OS template for this purpose.
Kloud51 is pleased to announce “Ubuntu Desktop” as a Linux VPS.
You can now order or install “Ubuntu Desktop 14.04 64 bit” on our Kloud51 VPS.

This OS has been customized and pre-configured to be light Ubuntu Desktop.
Pre-configured installed applications:

  • LXDE-CORE: as light and user friendly DE.
  • Midori: Lightweight internet browser.
  • XRDP: Remote Desktop protocol.
  • Wine: Installing and running Microsoft Windows applications.

With XRDP installed on the VPS you will be able to connect to you VPS via Remote Desktop easily
There’s Wine as well which makes running application Microsoft Windows application easier than ever.


Here’s a tiny screenshot of what you’ll see when you do RDP to a Kloud51 VPS:

Ubuntu Desktop 14.04 64 bit VPS from Kloud51

Ubuntu Desktop 14.04 64 bit VPS from Kloud51


There’s a lot to discover in this new OS template.
Please send us your suggestions and concern regarding to matter.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

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