Kloud51 Team is please to announce the release of Arch Linux Latest 64 Bit .
This OpenVZ templates has been secured and hardened for better security and of course maximum flexibility for managing packages.

Arch Linux Latest 64 Bit

You no longer need to do the fundamental securing process on this OS.
We have done some cool security hardening on default image.

Not only that, with this image you're able to install and update packages from AUR via yaourt.


  • Configuring firewalls
  • iptables
  • SSH Brute Force
  • FTP Hardening
  • Closing Unused Ports
  • Removed unnecessary applications
  • Disabled unused services and daemons
  • Disabled root user login. Instead admin should be used which has the sudoer power.
  • Default text editor as vim.
  • Yaourt as AUR package manager helper.
  • base-devel has been installed for compiling in blink of an eye.

This decision and modification started on Kloud51 OpenVZ images since Securing Linux images by Kloud51 - Anti-Hack involved.

You're now using a safer and much better server that is being powered by our favorite Gnu/Linux Distro, Arch Linux.

Discussion about this powerful image at Kloud51 Community Forum: http://forum.kloud51.com/d/38-arch-linux-latest-64-bit-secured-hardened

Saturday, January 23, 2016

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