Savand Bros. Kloud51 is giving FREE Services to users who participate in writing articles and content in Kloud51 Community Forums.

The Free services given as rewards are:

Subjects in Interest

Kloud51 Community is interested in following subjects.

  • Programming Tutorials or How-to
  • System Administration
  • Linux with Love <3
  • Web Hosting
  • Virtual Private Server (VPS)
  • Software installation
  • Tips & Tricks
  • Security
  • Kloud51 or Kloud51 Services

We might add more items to Subjects in Interest based on community feedback and ideas. Be sure to check this list later for future updates.

Last step

When you have finished writing your article and submitted it to Community Forum, please send them to us via our support ticket system.

  • Login into [Kloud51 Client Area](https:/
  • Navigate to Submit Ticket
  • Select Community Forum as Department.
  • Enter your Community Forum UsernameEmail and finally your submission link on the Community Forum.

When you have submitted the ticket, one of Kloud51 Documentation Reviewer will start review your discussion and will provide your the free service as your reward for contributing to our Community.


We have some friendly and tiny terms that we'd like you follow and consider them so your submits will be reviewed quicker.

  • Submits should be written by you and unique.
  • No Copy/Paste from other sources are allowed.
  • Any source of the content should be referenced.
  • Minimum length of the article must be 251 words.
  • Good formatting and appropriate for unicorns.
  • Markup language language is MarkDown (Markdown Editing Guide).

Visit on the Community Forum for further talks and discussion related to this subject.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

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